Fashion Icon | Gigi Hadid


Today im back with a Fashion Icon post, this time Gigi Hadid.  I think 2016 was a Hadid filled year, both with Gigi and Bella. I've loved Gigi´s Style for a while i think its sporty chic and i personally find that hard to achieve for myself so that is why i like to look for inspiration on it with her. 
I have to say that her coat game is on point and this is why all her outfits look so awesome. I put together nine (more like selected...) of my favorite looks for this post and all of them are more to the casual side except for one but i still think that wearing any of them would make me feel completely fabulous.

One thing i love is that out of all my Fashion Inspirations or icons, her style can be the easiest to recreate for yourself, i mean most of us have a pair of jeans and some sneakers its just finding the right top to make it look cool and buy or just and your favorite jacket, i am almost sure that she has worn every color on the planet so you have got to find some inspo on pint rest for it. A pair of killer sunglasses is also a must i have to say or else it won't be complete.

I would love to know what your favorite looks are of Gigi Hadid and if there are any other celebrities who´s style you love because i would love to know, also if your interested in reading some of my Fasion Icon on Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift just click on them!!

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