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Hello guys. Today i wanted to share with you something that i have seen a lot of bloggers do but that i really enjoy to read or look at, i specially like seeing the videos because im noise like that. Lets pretend the title of the post didn't give it away and say that today i am sharing with you what's in my bag!!
I bought this title clutch this month in the sales and i am obsessed with it, i saw it in December but didn't think i needed it urgently so i didn't buy it and a at the beginning of January i went back and it was on sale so i couldn't help myself.
To my surprise i realized it fits a lot more than i initially thought it would and i love it, also for some reason the shape makes it really easy to find my stuff in. Anyway if your interested in knowing whats in my bag just keep reading

  1. Wallet - I i´ve been using this wallet for a couple of years now and i have to admit that it has seen better days but i love it its so useful, it fits all my cards, money, coins and i don't even have to take out my University student card to get it i can just open it and it scans right through so that is very handy... now that i think about it maybe i should be a little concerned by that but oh well it has helped me not to lose my card so ill take it
  2. iLuv portable charger - I just got this last christmas and i have to say its already becoming my favorite thing in my bag, having a portable charger is just a life safer specially if you have an iPhone. I love my phone but even my friends and family have made a joke out of me running out of battery whenever i need it the most. NO MORE to that now!!
  3. HP headphones - These headphones are AMAZING, i have had to buy so many headphones over the years and they always break, fist one side and than completely but these have lasted me actually quit long, they ever come with title earplug adapters in case you lose some or you prefer a different size so that is really handful too
  4. Lip products - I have never been the kind of girl to carry around makeup i honestly just can't be bothered, but what i do always have are some lip products because its the one thing i find myself touching up during the day. Here i have too, a cacao butter lip balm and a Mac lipstick in the color Taupe my absolute favorite lipstick!!
  5. Pen and paper - This is just so essential to have with you, as i said im always running out of battery so having something to write on is very useful trust me i have had times where i would have loved to be smart enough to have some with me. Because its a clutch i just have some post its and a black felt tip pen
  6. Hair tie and bobbie pins - a hair tie is one of the most important things for me, whenever im doing something fun or im concentrating i just need to get my hair out of the way and in case i want to do something more fancy bobbie pins are very useful
  7. Sunglasses - To be honest i don't have them with me all the time, i broke my favorite pair by accident and these are a little bit too big for me so i only put them in my bag when i know im going to be outside and its a sunny day 
  8.  House keys - I don't think i have to explain these, i mean i just want to be able to get back into my house after a long day out and i have had one to many times where i had to wait for my mom on the stairs outside so yeah...

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