If you are looking for fashion inspiration then let me tell you that Taylor Swift is just the person to google or look for on pinterest, her red carpet looks and street style are absolutely on point and i don't know about you but i happen to love everything that she wears. 

Her style is very feminine and fun, she always manages to look chick but at the same time young with  pop of color whether that is on her bag, her shoes or her signature red lip. 
I´ve put together some of my favorite outfits, some are a little bit more casual and other a bit more dressy but they are all very wearable, you could easily dress them down with a pair of flats. i think my favorite out of all the outfits is the gray two peace with the yellow bag and the pink heals, i really like the way they look together, the pop of color make it look very summery and fun, if only i had an endless supply of skater skirts like she seems to have. 

let me know what your favorite outfit is or if you found an other one that you like.


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