My favourite apps for instagram


Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform out there at the moment. I love photography and Instagram is one of those app were i can spend hours looking through peoples pictures and get inspired. I love going to peoples profiles that i admire and look for their very first posts. Its a weird thing but i really enjoy to see how peoples photography skills grow as they get older. When it comes to my own feed im very picky and i take so many pictures but i always find myself doubting when i want to post something, do i really like it? Do i want other people to see it?. This is why I've found a couple of apps that make the process a whole lot easier for me to decide. To me Instagram is like a little photo album so i want it to look nice. 


The first app i want to share with you is by far the one I've used the longest. I know that there are a lot of people who use this app and i can definitely see why because it is amazing for editing your pictures on the go. The first thing i do is color correct my images. Usually i play around with the brightness, contrast, saturation, focus and sometimes grain. I honestly think that this part depends a lot on your personal preference and at the photo your editing, i would recommend no to go too crazy with it though.

After im happy with the color correction i go to the fun part... The filters. I have tried so many apps to see how their filters are but VSCO definitely has the best once out there. You have so many options it can be a bright and crisp filter, or a dark an moody one, or a more old looking one. One of the things i love the most of the filters is that they do have a big impact on your picture but its not crazy over the top and you can always control the opacity of  the filter to make it look a little bit more natural.

My favourite filters at the moment are F2, A5, A6, HB and HB2. I've installed all the free filters but you could also download other cool once that cost money i just don't think its necessary. I would recommend to stick with the same filters for your post because it makes your pictures look a lot more cohesive. 


The second app i wanted to share is    light room, this app is a little bit more  complicated to use but once you have  played around with it a little bit you get  a hang of it. I like to use this app mostly  for pictures of higher quality that i want  to edit on my phone or if its a picture of  food or something i want to have more  control over.  
My favourite tool is the automatic color  corrector and the selective colouring  part.  Its great because sometimes if i  used a filter on VSCO there will be  something specific that  i wont like,   maybe my skin tone or something is too  washed out that i want to stand out a  little more so i just go unto light room  and adjust my reds and yellows of  whatever other color i want to. 


This app is a fairly new discovery but i am already in love with it. Before VSCO had their update it was really easy to organise your fotos and see how there looked together before you posted them, but now you can't really do that so I've been looking for a substitute ever since. UNUM is great because its free and it has some great features. You can import as many pictures as you want and drag them around really easily to see in which order you like them best without having to re-upload. You sign in with you Instagram account so all the pictures you have on your feed will automatically upload and have a little Instagram symbol on the bottom corner and it automatically updates if you post any new picture.  

As i said im very picky when it comes to uploading pictures and sometimes it results in me not posting anything at all and regretting it later on but this app makes it so easy for me because i can just see which one i like the most and see it before posting it to really be sure and not have to delete any pictures later on. 

I hope you found this helpful and if there are any app that you love please let me know i always like to try out new once every once in a while.

Love, Kelly

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