Easy geometric nail art


I've always found doing my nails a difficult job, its not that i find it hard actually its just tedious and this is why i always postpone it. 
I do feel so much better when my nails are done, i feel more confident and elegant i don't know why so since i was going on a little trip i figured why not take the time to do something easy but still pretty on them. 
If you are looking for some nail art inspiration to do it yourself i guarantee this one is super easy and fast to do so give it a try.
The first thing you need to do is find a nice nude base color and pain all your nails in the same color. The one that i have chosen is from Toy and its in the color Sandy. I Have to say that sometimes on its own i find it makes my hands look a little dead but with the stripes it looks perfect. 
Make sure that your base color is completely dry before you move on to the next step. I find this the hardest step because in really impatient but just watch a movie or read a book while you wait for them to dry. 
To start drawing the steps you can use a thin nail polish brush or you could use a small paint brush or if your really running on a budget just take a normal nail polish brush and cut some of the hairs until it is as thin as you would like. 
Take some white nail polish and draw a line from one side of the nail straight to the other, starting at the bottom and ending at the end of the nail and then two more lines starting at the oposite side on the base of the nail in kind of a triangular shape. Make sure they cross the first line you made, i kind of messed up on my pinky and realized that was the best method. 
After tracing all your white lines go ahead and take an other color that you like. I decided to go with a dark blue but you could do any color you like and i think it would look just as nice. All you need to do know is trace a line parallel to the first white line you painted. Do that on every nail and that is it. 
Don't forget to put on a top coat to make sure your hard work lasts a long time and that is it super easy. 
I hope you got some inspiration on this and that you like it just as much as i do. 
I'll see you on Sunday bye. (btw who knew that taking pictures of your nails was so hard...)


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