Hey i hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Today my grandma is moving so its going to be a crazy day helping around. The place where she's moving in to is not ready yet so she's going to stay at my house for a couple days so that is going to be fun. But anyway enough with the whole moving thing because what i actually wanted to talk about was this Cautiva eyeshadow pallet, I've seen it in the store a couple of times but i wasn't really sure if i should buy it because I've never had anything from his brand before and then about two weeks ago a thought "why not" after all i really liked all the colors. Now that i have tried it out though, i don't think that i would but it again. One of the things i was attracted to the most were the three matt shades because finding drugstore matt eyeshadows is basically imposible here in Colombia but in this pallet they are just not pigmented at all, the brown shade you can't really see on the swatches but its the only one that shows on my lid and the two lighter shades you can't see at all, I've tried it on different skin tones and it just doesn't show. Now for the shimmery shades, im really happy they are all very beautiful, i wasn't too convinced by the orange shade but now i think its super pretty so overall its a good pallet specially if you keep in mind the price since it was very inexpensive i just think its a good if you looking for shimmery shades but not so much for matt shades and those i could find in many other pallets so that is why i wouldn't buy it again.
Let me know if you have any recommendations for me i would love to try them out, im always on the hunt for eyeshadows.

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