Ive always seen people make post of favorites of the month and things like those and I've never done something like that, and to be honest, this post isn't really a favorites of the month just some beauty things I've really been enjoying to use for a while now and i thought it would be a good idea to write about. 

I have been loving reds lately (for a while actually). I used to be so scared of using dark or bright colors, i just didn't think they suited my skin tone but then i realized it was just me not being used to ir and i started venturing out of my comfort zone and I'm so happy i did it, these who have been my favorites for sure, the dark shade is called Red Velvet and its one of the revlon colorburst lip butters, i really enjoy the formulation of these lipsticks their moisturizing and very glossy. The orange red one is one of the maybe line matt color sensational lipsticks in the color craving coral, its definitely the brightest color I've ever used but i like it a lot, i haven't tried any other of the matt range but i'll definitely have to go get myself some more.

How is it that i only realized how amazing beatyblenders are, i bought one like 7 months ago and then i lost it and it was only after a couple months that a bought it again and realize how much I'm obsessed with it, seriously they make all the difference in your face makeup, its so easy to apply and your foundation looks so incredibly natural on your skin, i use it damp to apply both foundation and concealer. One other product i recently discovered is the Neutrogena energizing exfoliant, i've been using it every morning as a little pick me up to help me wake up and cleanse my face as I'm forgetting to take off my makeup at night so i have been needing the extra step in the morning. 

I love using brown shades for my makeup so the essence eyeshadow quod has been my go to the whole month of December and January and to go with it a bought a bronzy blush from sammy that was insanely sheep but i love it and every time my friends come over they always end up using it as well.

I had never used any burt's bees products before and last month when i was buying my foundation i sow this right next to the cashier and i thought i would give it a go and I'm very happy i did because it has saved my lips as they were insanely dry i don't know why... so I'm very happy with that. 
The last product is a concealed by covergirl from the ready set gorgeous range. I find it really hard to find creamy councilors here in Colombia, most of them are always in lipstick shades and i find they don't suit my skin tone or they are way to heavy coverage so this was exactly what i was looking for as it has more of a lighter coverage.

Leave me a comment telling me what you've been loving, i would love to know.

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