Yesterday was my birthday (actually, it was the day before yesterday as im writing this at 12 pm), i turned 20, i just can't believe it, time flies by so quickly, when i hear it, i realize im all grown up, its just that i still feel like im 16, anyway... I have to say i had one of the best birthdays ever, i had class in the morning so my mom and brother woke me up early with breakfast in bed, it was so nice and cute uf them, i love them so much, after class i had lunch at my grandparents house and my mom kept me busy at a doctors appointment so she could organize a surprise for me with my best friend from collage. When i got home my room was all decorated with flowers, pictures, balloons, candles and banners... i had no idea and im usually a total detective, but this time i had me totally fooled, seriously i have the best family and friends in the world, i am so lucky!!! 

After that my best friend since high school came as well and we had a nice dinner, they sang me happy birthday and we had a nice cup of raspberry champagne and cake, we did make a whole disaster with the champagne; when we popped it open, it started coming out non stop and we didn't really know what to do about it, it was really funny.

I bought the shirt im wearing about a week ago in bershka and i hadn't worn it yet, so i thought it would be perfect, i paired it with a black skater skirt and some black tights, because the skirt is quit short, i also wore a leather jacket i got from my mom, a orangy-red bag and some black bershka booties 

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