I have no idea why this keeps happening to me, I've had the pictures for this post laying on a draft for more than a week now but i just haven't managed to find the time to write anything. I mean i'm definitely not complaining because I've been living my summer to the fullest but for some reason I've found myself surrounded by people all the time and i feel a little awkward writing with someone next to me. Also, if you knew me in person you would know that i'm more of a loner, i mean, i love being with people its just that i also really value some me time. 

Last month one of my friends and i decided to go to expo beauty, we thought it would be amazing, filled with makeup and brands we hadn't seen before and all sorts of cool things, one of her friends had gone the day before and it looked really cool so that day we woke up, took our cameras and left for expo center it was closed so we couldn't see inside so we paid and got really disappointed. There was absolutely no makeup or skin care or spa treatment or anything all that there was were hair stuff and not the cool hair treatments and masks and stuff, just straightening treatments, flat irons and self tanners and i did not need any of it so we decided to get out and instead grab something to eat and take some pictures. When we were trying to ignore all the people around us and make the best out of it we also got majorly told off by the security guard for taking pictures, god knows why though because i couldn't see a reason for it because it was a public space. 

I did like the pictures tough and im kind of obsessed with these jeans that a bought in Zara, I've never used lose fitted jeans before and they are also more ripped than any other pair i have. 
I hope everyone has an amazing week. 



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