I can't believe its been three months since the last time I've written a blog post, I've been dying to write but something has been holding me back and I'm not sure what except for the fact that my computer broke down but that was around two months ago so i don't really have and excuse. 

I feel like I'm in a constant rollercoaster of trying to understand how i feel about life and my future. I remember being so scared when i first started university, thinking i couldn't do it and i just wouldn't be good enough and I've always had that thing of being my worth critic, but this semester i feel like things have changed, it all happened so slow that i almost didn't see it but one day i found myself excited to finish my career and more confident than ever.  The thing is this i don't think i'll ever have things completely figured out but that is ok i don't think anyone has. All that matters is that you do what you feel comfortable with and keep dreaming no matter how impossible it sometimes looks. 

Anyway enough rambling. I went out with one of my best friends a while ago and we decided to take some pictures of each other. I wasn't sure at the beginning if i would post them but i really did like the outfit and i figured why not. It was a very nice day so i decided to wear a lose blue sweater and a suede skirt i bought around christmas time. Also I've been loving the whole choker trend but my neck is very skinny so they never fit me so i decided to go for a suede string that came with a button up shirt i bought a while ago and use it as a necklace. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacations. 


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