I can't believe spring break is finally here, I've been dreaming of it for the last three weeks!! ill finally have time to sleep in and have fun with my friends. Here in Colombia there isn't really a change in the weather over the seasons so i wear dresses all the time but i specially like it on holidays or during the weekends and i think this outfit is perfect .I love this tube dress from Zara, i got it in December, i was buying something else and i saw a girl trying it on and i had to try it myself, it was funny because then other girls wanted to buy the dress too and it kind of got sold out right there. The one thing i dislike are the straps because they are too long and i always end up showing my bra, but i just have to take it to the tailor. Anyway, i decided to go with a jean vest and a pink scarf to make the outfit look more put together and i found a pair of converse with pink laces in the back of my closet that i had forgotten about and it was just perfect.

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