Lately I've  been in a very weird mood, i think stress is kind of getting the best of me. I hate days like those, i just feel down and people around me pay the price for it because i have very little patience. To be very honest, the only thing i want to do is sit in my bed, binge watch Charmed (you know like the 90s TV show) and eat a lot of junk food, unfortunately i have way too much to do.
I still managed to go for a walk and take some pictures during the weekend. Its a good thing my mom wanted to go for a walk too because i don't have a tripod so it is imposible for me to take pictures of myself and my house is just filled with stuff at the moment.

Anyway, lately it has been insanely hot in the city i just want to walk around barely naked, i can't handle the heat so i decided to go for some jean shorts a lace cream top and some combat boots. I added the burgundy sweater because it always starts raining around five or six so its better to be prepared, besides, i really liked the pop of color. 

Also, I've been playing around with photoshop and i find it really hard to not over do it with the editing, i just get carried away with the curves layer and the  gradient one. 

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