I'm a total eyeliner lover, i have tried pencil, liquid, feld tip, black, brown, pink, and a lot more. I really think it makes a huge difference of you eye makeup so thats why i wanted to share my favorite ones in this post. 

I've tried two forms of liquid eyeliner, first the one that comes in a little tube, i used this one for quiet a white and i like to think im pretty good at using it right now but it certainly took me a lot of practice, i special find it hard to create a very fine line but recently i bought a Felt tip liner and at the beginning it was kind of strange to use it, but now i think it is incredibly easy, the tip is very fine so it gives you more controle on how thick you want you line to be, special when you creating the flik, it’s very easy, so if your just starting of i would definitely recommend this one. 

If you want an effortless smoky look i would recommend you to go with a pencil, you can create a cat eye with this if you want to but i prefer to simply smoke it out with my finger or with a brush, i specially like to do this with brown, and i also like to put it on my upper waterline to make my lashes look fuller and on my bottom waterline when i want a more nighttime look.
I don’t use this too often but sometimes i think its nice to use a different color of eyeliner, white was a huge trend this spring and i think it makes you eyes look more awake, i also like pink to make it more feminine and on my lower lash line i also enjoy smudging some green and blue pencil sometimes. Also if you have brown eyes, purple is a great color because it makes your eyes stand out, just be creative with it and have fun, because eventually that is what makeup is all about, or at least for me 

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