I've been trying to be as productive as posible today, i think im kind of inspired by different things i've been watching and reading, if you want something to be done, there is no better moment than NOW so I've been fighting the urge to take a nap and trust me when i tell you it hasn't been an easy task, but there is just a lot i wanted to do and i'm  also trying to go to bed earlier, so naps are a diffident no no for me. Im trying to adapt myself to going to college and having a job during the weekends and so far its been great, im really excited for this semester, i'm in such high spirits, i really think i'll learn a lot and finally know what i want to focus my career on, because as of right now, i have no idea, going to uni is kind of scary for me, i have a vague idea of what i want to do in my life but im not sure what will happen when i get my degree, i used to plan life in every detail when i was younger, but it was kind of unrealistic to be honest and now im just kind of seeing where things are going and the uncertainty kills me sometimes, i'm sure it happens to a lot of people, but i can't wait to really know what im going to do. 

Anyway, i really wanted to share these pictures because im obsessed with this striped crop top from Stradivarius, it was such a bargain!! i really wanted to find a top like this one for a while but the once i found just didn't suit me, so i was really excited when i sow this one on sale, i specially like that its kind of off the shoulders, i decided to wear it with high waisted jeans, blue sneakers and a red white and blue flannel to give it more color, i think it would look really cute with a pair of high waisted shorts.

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