I think that if i had to chose one item from my wardrobe right now to wear every single day i would choose overalls for sure. Denim overalls are so easy to throw on in the morning and still look fashionable if you want too. Ive styled them in many ways, with crops tops for the supper hot days, with lace blouses to make it look more feminine, with sweaters, plaid shirts and t-shirts, really the possibilities are infinite. I think that short overalls, specially denim once are more casual but you could easily put get a black pair of normal overalls (like these from asos)  and pair them with heels and a blouse or a blazer and you would look a lot more elegant but still comfortable. 

On Friday i decided to pair my dungarees (trying to be British right there :P) with a oversized t-shirt, a silver necklace with peach beats and silver slip ons (sorry i forgot to take a picture of my shoes).

I don't know if im the only one still rocking these or not so let me know. In a lot of countries its starting to get colder right now but you could just use tights to keep you warm. I am fortunate enough to live in a country where its always summer so i can keep wearing them till i get tiered of it ;)

ill leave some more options if your interested in buying some from asos, i just discovered they ship to Colombia so im very excited about that!!

Love, Kelly

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