This summer i went with my family to a village 4 hours away from the city i live in, you might have seen some of the pictures on my Summer 2016 post. Non if us had ever been there but everyone says its beautiful. Honestly i wasn't really sure what to expect and we didn't really google any tourist places before we went there which i kind of regret because there is an amazing cave you can visit but you have to start really early in the morning and we got there around 2 in the afternoon or something like that, it took us a little longer than expected to get there. We still managed to go to the town square to walk around and we went to a fishing place for lunch so the boys caught the fish and then the people at the restaurant cooked them for us. The food was amazing but i have to say that being how the killed the fish almost made me wanna become a vegetarian so i decided to go explore and take some pictures instead with my best friend and my cousin. 

After we were done eating we went on a Zip-line between the mountains and the experience was so amazing, we would have to go from one mountain to the other and then climb it to go get on the other Zip-line to get back. The second time we went it was really scary because it started raining so it was really hear to brake.  We all had an amazing time there the only bad thing is that they closed the road at night when we were driving back and we didn't know that so after driving for two hours we had to drive back and take a detour so it took us almost 7 hours to get back. We were all so tiered and ready to get home. I just feel sorry for my mom because she was the one who had to drive all the way. (I did offer to switch but she didn't let me) 

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