Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!! Last year was amazing in so many ways... I think I've gotten to know myself much more than i had before, i got to do amazing things that i never thought i could do, i got to conquer some of my fears and be strong, push myself to new limits and share amazing experiences with even more amazing people whom i love more than anything.  Overtime an ending is nearby its a daunting feeling but I've learned that ending don't just stop there, it means a new beginning, an opportunity to take what you have learned and make the future so much better.
This year im looking forward to getting graduated, to start my internship and to figure out the rest of my life so fingers crossed it will be as exceptional as im hoping it to be.

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year and set up a positive note from the very start of the year. I usually don't set new years goal because i know i don't stick to them but for this year i do have one! Be unapologetically me!! this year i want to do what i want without stopping  myself just because its not everyones cup of tea and to be honest i think so should everyone else ive been doing it slowly during 2016 and it makes me immensely happy so i am totally prepared to take it to the next level!

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