Hey! This year has started great i think, I've been in such a good mood, I've organized my surroundings, I've been going to bed earlier and i have to say that this has been specially hard. When i was in middle school and in high school i used to be that annoying kid who did her homework early managed to watch movies and tv show, go out with my friends and still be in bed every day at 9:30 to get a goodnight sleep white all my friends were studying till 2 am for out test. I don't know if that was a nerdy thing to do or what but i grew up thinking that it was important to get a good night sleep and to be honest after 7 i just couldn't be bothered with my homework anymore. Now that im in collage though that has changed dramatically, i honestly don't remember when i started to go to bed at 12 and then at 1 and 2 or ever 3 and now i just find it imposible until now. Ive been working out a little bit (never thought i would say that for sure...) and it helps me sleep its really hard to push myself to do so though. I have also started reading a book that my godfather recommended me, i can't believe last year i read so little it is one of my favorite things. The book im reading is by Santiago Posteguillo and im reading it on my phone, according to that it is 18500 pages long so i have a very long while to go with that.
I don't know i just feel like this year is going to be amazing. Every year can be if you work hard towards what you want and its the little things that count to make you happier and i think I've started right this time i just hope i can keep it up and make every day a better day.

Anyway i wanted to share this outfit with you because i think its cute and comfortable. Ive had this sweater for years now and every time i wear it i get compliments i just think the shoulder detail makes it more than your normal sweater. Im also wearing my favorite Zara jeans (btw i sow Hanna from Pretty Little liars wear it in one episode and i almost freaked out #goals) and my shoes are actually from my mother they are kind of like a loafer style and when i first saw them i told her i would never ever wear them but clearly i was wrong because now i think they are super cute.

I hope you liked this post and i will talk to you in the next one bye!!

xoxo Kelly

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