One of my favorite things to do is spend time at the countryside, just take a blanked, board games, some nice food and great people and just forget about everything and feel completely free with nature. One day i woke up feeling sick of staying home and i thought ice skating would be a good idea but when i saw what a beautiful day it was i couldn't just lock myself inside. 
Outside of the city where i live there is a very nice place (I don't really know what to call it... Town??) called Rionegro and everything looks green and fresh but in my mind also sophisticated and there is a giant green field my mom discovered a while ago so that is where we went.
we spend the afternoon playing in the grass and listening to music until it started raining and we had to leave but while we were there i managed to have my little brother take some pictures of me but i have to say it wasn't easy because he just wanted to play with his friend so he kept shooting like a crazy person just to be done with it hahaha i don't know if that makes me a bad sister for keeping him from his game but oh well...
My outfit that day was very simple but i still love it and i have to say that the pair of black jeans im wearing have quickly become my favorite pair I've worn them so many times this month its almost embarrassing but i just can't get over them they are high waisted and elasticated so they actually fit me but they are also very comfortable.
For my hair i also got inspired by Margot Robbie  she wore her hair like this on a interview and looks amazing. Of course my friend told be i looked cute (you know like a little kid...) so i don't know what that says of the hairstyle but i love it and i think i could definitely rock this in my internship, its quick, easy and it gets my hair out of the way, what more could i ask right?

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